A Web Server in 5 Minutes with Scala + Jetty + SBT

Recently, I was tasked with developing a load generation tool on top of Twitter's open source Iago project. I initially validated the request rates of the app using a separate local Play! app as a victim server with restful endpoints summing the requests. But.. this setup wasn't going to cut it within my acceptance test suite. Solution: Embedded Jetty Server. Goal … Continue reading A Web Server in 5 Minutes with Scala + Jetty + SBT

Being an [Effective] Tech Lead

During a long drive the other day I did what I usually do, fumble through the usual technical podcast distribution sites until picking a talk that catches my eye. I landed on an episode of Software Engineering Radio that most developers would glance over and move on in the search for a more buzz-wordy topic, but … Continue reading Being an [Effective] Tech Lead